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"Day One"
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1. Jose Padilla - Day One (Original Mix)
2. Jose Padilla - Day One (Telephones Remix)

Legendary is a much overused word in this day and age, but legend is a word that can easily be applied to DJ and producer Jose Padilla. Alongside DJ Alfredo of Amnesia, Jose Padilla gave birth to the other side of the Balearic coin - the mellow sunset side - and in turn influenced millions of people around the globe from Madonna to DJ Harvey, whether they saw him soundtrack the sunset or just bought one of his seminal Cafe Del Mar Compilations.

Padilla likes to move forwards and in the International Feel label he has found the perfect partner. After signing to the label in the winter of 2014, Padilla worked with label head and producer of note Mark Barrott, to create the slow balearic techno sounds of first single “Solito”, which, complete with remixes from Wolf Müller, re-imagined his vision for new and old listeners alike. From this new beginning, the idea to work on his first album in 15 years was born, but the label wanted to do things differently. They took four of the finest producers of the moment - Wolf Müller from Germany, Mark Barrott from Ibiza, Telephones from Norway and Tornado Wallace from Australia - and flew them out to work with Padilla in Ibiza on the project. A global line up for a global sound.

The first fruits of these collaborations is the new single “Day One”. Produced by Henning Telephones (Resident Advisor chose his recent Running Back release as one of their best of 2014), it mixes a classic balearic sound with the ‘proper’ deep house of Ron Trent and Chez Damier. Layers and washes of melodies running over deep beats….something that fits the sound of “now” perfectly.

If you ask Telephones why he wanted to work with Padilla he’ll tell you, “As an eclectic and open-minded DJ myself, getting the opportunity to work with one of the pioneers of the Balearic sound and his approach to music didn't take much considering. Even with 30 years between us, we kinda come from the same place in a spiritual-musical sense. Plus getting the chance to put my pale Scandinavian feet on Ibiza-sand was a nice bonus. It was like being able to check out a place you remember, but only through second-hand memories. The scheduled time for the project would also fittingly conclude my perhaps most fantastic month ever, playing both Panorama Bar and Robert Johnson. So then going more or less straight to Ibiza for this project seemed like a perfect round-off to what had been a long and amazing summer for me. I also like and have a lot of respect for the uncompromising and decent way Mark runs International Feel. Him having Wolf Müller and Tornado Wallace also on-board, didn't exactly hurt either.”

So this very much is “Day One”. A new place for Jose Padilla working with the best of the new generation of producers and a new rebirth of the original Balearic sound - aware of its roots but pushing forwards. “Day One” indeed.

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"Maybe The Sunset"
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Jose Padilla, a legend in the Ibiza scene, has just made the most forward thinking Balearic album of the year in 'So Many Colours'. Release date: 1st of June 2015.

Out now buy here:

It would have been easy for Jose to have made a chill-out album, but instead he has worked together with four forward-thinking producers to create a modern album, moving across the genres held together by the umbrella we call “balearic”.

Jose Padilla is loved by many for his work soundtracking sunsets at the Café Del Mar and compiling the seminal Café Del Mar compilations which sold over six million copies. His fans are wide and varied, on one end of the spectrum you have Madonna or Karl Lagerfeld, and on the other DJ legends such as Harvey and Andrew Weatherall.

The four aforementioned producers Padilla worked with are; Mark Barrott of Sketches From An Island and founder of International Feel; Telephones, a man making serious waves right now with his deep house sound; Dusseldorf based and natural beat maker Wolf Müller a.k.a Jan Schulte; and Australian Tornado Wallace of Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space label.

All four are known for differing styles and sounds, though their work together with Padilla runs naturally as a cohesive whole. Barrott brings a deep oceanic mellowness, Tornado the electronic synthesized melodic beats and grooves, Wolf Müller welcomes the afro end of town and Telephones has produced three tracks of beautiful dream-like house music.

Each producer was flown to Ibiza to work at Jose’s home in Santa Agnes, set up their studios in the house overlooking the one of the islands most beautiful valley's and spent a week collaborating with Jose immersed within the feeling of the island. Each found their own sound within the walls of Jose’s villa, but ultimately it is all extremely Balearic.

‘Day One’, ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Blitz Magic’ produced by Telephones pay heed to the newly revived dream house sound - expect an underground sleeper hit from one of these this summer. Mark Barrott produces ‘Solito’, as well as the beautiful album closer, ‘Remember Me’, and the acoustic guitar vibes of ‘Mojame’. Muller brings Brazilian afro beats to ‘Whistle Dance’ and ‘Afrikosa’, and the album wouldn't be complete without Tornado’s ‘Maybe The Sunset’ - a ride on Ibiza sunshine - and the widescreen ‘On the Road’.

Jose Padilla has created an album for dancing wildly, relaxing wholly in nature, and losing yourself in. It is a true musical journey covering all angles of the balearic scene and reminiscent of one of the classic Cafe Del Mar compilations but in one artist album, and that artist is Jose Padilla.

José Padilla (nacido en 1955) es disc jockey español y productor de música ambiental, más conocido por su trabajo como DJ en el bar Café del Mar de la isla de Ibiza .

Nacido en Barcelona, Padilla se trasladó a Ibiza en 1975, asumiendo la residencia de DJ en el Café del Mar en 1991. En 1994, compiló el primer álbum de Cafe del Mar para la etiqueta React. La serie está ahora en su 22º volumen y ha producido varias compilaciones relacionadas, además de conducir a la creación del propio sello propio del bar. Padilla seleccionó pistas para los primeros seis, así como el lanzamiento conmemorativo del vigésimo aniversario.

Mientras que varias pistas de Padilla aparecieron en sus varias compilaciones, no era hasta 1998 que él lanzó su primer álbum, recuerdo , en etiqueta de los expedientes de Mercury. El CD contó con colaboraciones con varios músicos chill-out, entre ellos Lenny Ibizarre y Paco Fernández. Su segundo álbum, Navigator , fue lanzado en 2001. El álbum recibió una nominación del Grammy latino para el mejor álbum instrumental. 

Padilla ya no es el DJ residente en Café del Mar, sino que está de gira por todo el mundo. Sin embargo, en noviembre de 2007 se lanzó una nueva serie de compilación llamada Bella Musica, no relacionada con Café del Mar.

En 2011, salió la nueva compilación de CD "Here Comes the Sunset" (Volumen 4) y después de muchos años Padilla se ha conectado a otra playa, esta vez en Italia, Fregene. 

En 2015 Padilla hizo su nuevo álbum So Many Colors disponible para streaming a través de Resident Advisor antes del lanzamiento general de International Feel.

Recientemente, Padilla volvió a las cubiertas Essential Mix de la BBC Radio 1 a mediados de agosto de 2015 por primera vez en 20 años, con un conjunto muy ecléctico de "Masters" de dos horas.
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