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"Magic Soul"
Versión de YBU & Jonell Vs. Mark Rae & Steve Cristian
Subido por: mardrum12
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"Keep It Up"
featuring: Anneli Marian Drecker
Subido Por: mrgee007
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YBU (Hans Grottheim) was responsible for two of SSR's biggest club tracks of the early 90s: "Keep It Up" (feat. vocals by Bel Canto's Anneli Drecker) and "Soul Magic" (feat. Jonell), with its memorable, repetitive "yeah... feeling..." vocal line.
The man behind YBU was Norwegian producer Hans Grottheim, originally from Tromso (just like the members of Bel Canto, Biosphere, Mental Overdrive et al). He's also put out several other singles on SSR, including “Anything You Like”, “Apache” by Hans G, and “Doin’ Our Thang” by Photon (the latter in collaboration with Per Martinsen aka Mental Overdrive.  
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